Fumel castle, the pitch for the town hall, a medieval building reconstructed in the 18th century, features beautiful gardens and terraces that dominate the Lot valley. A visit here offers, in addition to a wonderful panorama of the river and its banks, the discovery of a French garden on the highest terrace, and an English garden, lower down, adorned with different types of trees such as Lebanese cedars, chestnut trees and plane trees.

Nothing better to continue the visit to Fumel and the Lot valley than a boat trip on a barge! These narrated boat trips of about an hour and 15 minutes are offered in summer, leaving at the foot of Fumel bridge. The castle was the seat of the barony of Fumel, it was used to control the Lot valley, especially during the Hundred Years War. Since the 1960s, the castle of Fumel home to the town hall.

Fumel castle was built in the fourteenth century and has a keep on a terrace.

Work took place in the 17th century on the south building and the west wing.

It is surrounded by gardens and terraces overlooking the Lot and offering panoramic views of the valley.