Gourdon’s history goes way back. Prehistoric caves in the area already report that people lived there. Gourdon is built on a hill 300m high. There used to be a fortress there. This was later expanded into a castle. Houses were built around that castle over the years, creating Gourdon. The 16th century saw a period of great prosperity thanks to weavers and the cloth trade. In the 17th century, the castle was destroyed by the English. The remains of the castle are barely visible.
The best place to enter Gourdon and its old centre is through the oldest town gate. You are then immediately in the oldest part of town with narrow streets, half-timbered houses and the Rue du Majou. From there, you can also go up the old stairs to where the castle used to stand. From this highest point in town, there is a magnificent view over the region. Signs indicate which direction to look in to see famous places.
A church, the “Église Saint-Pierre de Gourdon”, was also built on this summit in the 14th century. Ask at the “Office du Tourisme” about the guided tours provided.